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We take care in shipping our products and use materials, methods, and services that have proven to us to be safe for the product and timely in delivery.


All our shipping is handled here in the gallery. We have shipped all across the United States, and a few places in Canada.


Always remember that you can make arrangements to have products picked up here at the gallery. 

Boxes on Conveyor Roller

Standard Shipping

Our standard shipping is broken down into three categories:

  • Light Rate: This rate includes our custom made jewelry, t shirts, and prints. It is $4.50 per item

  • Products Rate: This rate includes most of our regular retail products. It is $ 12.00 per item

  • Paintings Rate: This rate covers shipping for all our our paintings up to 16" x 20" canvas without glass. Each of these packages are insured. It is $25 per item. 


Large Paintings

Our Large Paintings category is designed to ensure that the purchaser is paying the most current shipping charges and that there is a close coordination with us throughout this process. These purchases are special to our customers. Since USPS does not accommodate large boxes, our shipping charges are handled separately. 

  • Each large painting is shipped in double walled cardboard custom made to the size of the painting with bubble wrap and/or packing Styrofoam. 

  • You will find a shipping cost deposit of $35 in the cart when making your purchase. This deposit will go towards the materials needed to package the painting. 

  • We use UPS or FedEX for shipping large paintings (please let us know if you have a preference). Once the painting is boxed and the shipping cost is determined, we will send you a shipping invoice that can be paid online via email, or by phone. This cost can range from $80-$300 (depending upon size and weight). 

  • Each of these large packages are insured to the value of the painting.

  • Remember that you can make arrangements with us to have the the large painting picked up here in the gallery. In this case we will package it in bubble wrap for you. 

  • If you have a shipping service you use, please let us know and we will work with them. 

Large box ready for shipping
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