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Anna Lee Walters is a prolific storyteller. She is from two Native American groups, the Otoe-Missouria, and the Pawnee of Oklahoma. She is a seasoned fiction writer and retired college teacher with eleven books to her name and contributions to another fifty publications. Anna has helped 4,000 students overcome their anxieties about learning to write. She has celebrated their triumps of passing on their words and stories to the world. She has also presented on assorted topics in classroom settings, panels, and readings. Her last presentation was for the 2023 Story Catcher Writing Workshop at Chadron State College. Anna is now experimenting with other writing formats such as plays and script writing to reach more people who have been thus far out of her range. "It's a good life," she says. "We have so many stories to help us find our way."


We are please to be the first to offer sale of her latest book. 

"...A Remembrance Of The Earth - Maya Suje Mi..."

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