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The Cheii Power design follows the Navajo teaching of the horned toad. Accordingly, in the Navajo Twin Hero story, the twins came across the Horned Toad, whom they called "Cheii" (pronounced chay), as we do with all our elders. Cheii, offered his skin to be used as armor (helmet and shield) to the Navajo twins. Cheii said they will repel the arrows of the monsters the twins are seeking to kill, and that some of these monsters are afraid of Cheii and will flee at the sight of his helmet. The armor will provide protection to the twins as they peform prayers and battle. The twins took the armor and used it as instructed. 


Therefore, when we find the Horned Toad, we call him "Cheii", gently pick him up, sprinkle water on him, place him over your heart (he provides protection) and gently maneuver him in an 'X' motion over your heart. Finally, sprinkle him with Tadadiin (corn pollen), say a prayer for him and thank him for his protection and set him on his way. 


The Cheii Power decal is designed with Cheii positioned over your heart and the arrowheads provide the instruction of how to gain his protection (the "X" motion). The circular arrowheads indicate the protection Cheii provides for us. 


Each Cheii Power T-shirt is vinyl on a black, short sleeve, Gildan unisex T-shirt. All sizes are adult sizes. Each Cheii Power is assembled here at the gallery.



  • Youth sizes
  • different colored t-shirts
  • different colored decals
  • long-sleeve shirts

please use the 'contact us' form for pricing and ordering.


The Cheii Power desigs was created by Daniel A. Walters

Cheii Power T Shirt

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