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This illustrated exploration of the Navajo worldview preseents a lively back and forth converstion fielding a wide breadth of topics, including the remarkably complex architecture of the Navajo language, the long coalescing history of its people bolstered by the evidence of genetics, the unique healing system that focuses on a reordering of the individual need, the Navajo imagery withing an earlier ancestral area known as the Dentah, the focus on mountains within their worldview, the Western misrepresentation of the role of the female, the use of language to creae a reality, and the overarching identification with an earthly lift of 'beauty'. 


In an additional final chapter, Harry Walters animates these discussions with memories of his own long life and that of prior generations of his family, stretching back to the 1864 - 1868 internment that included both his grandfather who as a boy survived captivity and his great-grandfather who did not. 



The Navajo In Their Different Genius

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